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Come travel with us like you have never traveled before.

Dr. Darin Mazepa states, "I am most passionate about three things; being a dad to my son, Kaimana, healing the planet and its inhabitants through Reorganizational Healing, and the splendor and beauty that is Hawaii.  I have talked about facilitating a retreat on Hawaii for over 10 years.  THE TIME HAS COME.  this will be a marriage of  travel and ecotourism, inner and outer healing, and unbridled JOY.  It is my honor to be your host and facilitator on this once in a lifetime journey of ALOHA.

Alicia DeMarco has catered many of Vitality's events and this was one she was not going to miss out on! Finally, after years of exploring her life's purpose, nourishing others with delicious meals filled with love and soul was her calling.  She truly can't wait to contribute to this transformational journey in Kauai by exploring all of the natural riches and fresh local offerings the island has to offer. She concentrates typically on utilizing fruits and vegetables available, but don't be surprised if she has a few secrets up her sleeve for this Breakthrough in Paradise to make it unforgettable!

The Team

Dr Darin Mazepa
Support Staff
Alicia DeMarco
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